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Museum Victoria's 'Museum History Case' of natural and scientific specimens, 1850-80

This video shows curator Rebecca Carland talking about some of the natural and scientific specimens collected between 1850 and 1880 for what was then called the National Museum of Victoria. She begins by discussing the early years of the Museum and its tenacious and argumentative director, Frederick McCoy. Items in the ...


Children in fancy dress, Merrigum, c1910

This image comes from a photographic negative with the title 'Merrigum - Andrews children in fancy dress'. It is a group portrait of four children, three girls and a boy, dressed in Japanese costumes. It is part of the large Lilian Louisa Pitts Collection at Museum Victoria. The Collection is a lively record of life in ...


Nancy Pitts in 'butterfly' costume, Merrigum, 1910s

This image from a photographic negative shows a young girl, Nancy Pitts, with a large bow in her hair and wrapped in a large sheet of cloth made to look like butterfly wings. The photograph was taken in the 1910s by Nancy's aunt, Lilian.


'Not more snaps Mummy', mother and daughter, Preston East, 1946

This is a black-and-white photograph of Faye Irvine and her mother Jean on the front verandah of their home in Preston East, Melbourne. Faye is pictured aged 3 years and 7 months. She sits on a small chair, holding a black doll while her mother stands behind her. The photograph was taken in 1946, during the Second World War.


Apple Macintosh software game 'Warlords', 1991

This is the cover of an Apple Macintosh software game called 'Warlords'. It shows a medieval knight holding a sword and shield and standing in front of a castle. The text on the cover reads: 'Steve Fawkner / WARLORDS / Roger Keating / Stephen Hart / Gregor Whiley'. A rectangular section at the bottom left reads 'Mac (Plus ...


Graeme Dunstan and Buddhism

This clip is about how and why Graeme Dunstan adopted Buddhism in the 1980s. Seated in the room where he first experienced Buddhist meditation, Dunstan speaks about how difficult it was and the feelings he experienced. He then explains that Buddhism as a philosophy and a code of moral practice appealed to him when he took ...

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What most figures in Boyd's paintings?

Australian artist Arthur Boyd (1920-1999) has contributed a huge amount to Australian art, says former director of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Edmund Capon. Hear Capon's view that, although many of Boyd's paintings are of Australian landscapes, the focus is more on the people within them, and about Boyd's own thoughts ...


Portrait of some of the Harvey brothers of Daniel Harvey Ltd, c1928

This is a black-and-white photographic portrait of eight of the eleven Harvey brothers who were associated with the firm of Daniel Harvey Ltd, an agricultural implement manufacturer of Box Hill in Victoria. Pictured in the back row are (from left to right) Gus, Dan, Mat, Arthur and Hughie. In the front row are Mick, Frank ...


Andrianakis family on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, 1957

This is a black-and-white photograph showing the Andrianakis family in Fitzroy, near the family's home. Georgia and Dimosthenis Andrianakis are standing with their five sons Peter, Kevin, Angelo, Phillip and Arthur by the State Bank on Brunswick Street, which is visible to the left. Factories can be seen to the right. The ...


Portrait of 'Grandfather Harvey', c1920

This is a sepia-toned photograph of 'Grandfather Harvey', possibly Malachai Harvey or another family member related to the Harveys of Daniel Harvey Ltd, agricultural implement manufacturers. The photograph is 13.4 cm wide and 18.5 cm high.


Hugh McKay at the Sunshine Bowling Club, c1910

This is a black-and-white photograph of inventor and industrialist Hugh McKay with members of the Sunshine Bowling Club, Melbourne, in about 1910. McKay stands on the bowling green with a number of bowling balls in front of him. A large number of men and women is grouped behind him, the majority wearing hats. The roof of ...


Wedding gown and wedding photographs, 1952

This is a wedding dress worn by Betty McInerney (nee Stormon) and designed and made by Beril Jents in 1952. There are also accompanying photographs of the clothes being worn at the wedding. The wedding-dress ensemble comprises a dress, petticoat, bridal cap and gloves. The pencil-line silk satin dress has a voluminous overskirt ...


Photographic portrait of Hugh Victor McKay, 1924

This is a black-and-white photograph of inventor and industrialist Hugh Victor McKay, taken in 1924, two years before his death. He is dressed formally in a three-piece suit, shirt and tie, and also wears a watch chain. He is staring at the camera and holding what appears to be a sheaf of papers.


Photographic portrait of Hugh Victor McKay, 1912

This is a black-and-white close-up photographic portrait of industrialist and inventor Hugh Victor McKay, taken in 1912. McKay faces the camera and is dressed formally in a three-piece suit, shirt and tie. He also wears a watch chain.

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Painting a blank canvas outdoors

Do you fear the blank page or canvas when you're about to create an artwork? Musician Henry Wagons has felt this fear when writing music but also felt it when he first tried landscape painting. See how his painting turned out after he had a little help from an expert.

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Reading the message in a painting

Have you ever 'read' a painting? In England during the mid-1800s, the job of a seamstress or dressmaker was often not a happy one. Explore, or 'read', Richard Redgrave's painting 'The Seamstress' (1846) to find out more about the life of one such woman, and to discover the message that the artist was sending.


Children in billycart, Merrigum, c1910

This photograph is a portrait of the Andrews children of Merrigum, with a billycart made from packing cases and tin cans. It is part of the large Lilian Louisa Pitts Collection at Museum Victoria. The Collection is a lively record of life in the small fruit-growing and dairying community of Merrigum in the first half of ...


Jessie Street, 1889-1970

This is a collection of primary and secondary sources about Jessie Street, a prominent 20th-century human rights campaigner known as ‘Red Jessie’. The collection is introduced by the black-and-white passport photograph seen here that links to a richly documented biography on a showcase called 'Uncommon lives'. The showcase ...


Framed photograph of Lawrence Hargrave, c1900

This is a sepia photograph taken about 1900 depicting pioneering aeronautic scientist Lawrence Hargrave wearing a suit and hat. In the background are bushes. The print is in a wooden frame with tortoiseshell overlay, and is protected by glass. On the top edge is a round metal hanging hook and the frame is backed with brown paper.

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One way to begin a landscape painting

Australian painter Jeff Woodger has a passion for post-romantic landscape painting. His work hangs in collections in Japan and New York, but he spends much of his time in regional galleries around Victoria, viewing their collections of landscape paintings. Woodger maps out the first steps in his painting process as he selects ...