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St Mary’s Primary School – Progress report 3

This video explains the progress that St Mary's Primary School, Moruya, has made in the Digital Technologies in Focus project. It is the third in a series of four.


Miller & Boix-Mansilla review: Thinking across perspectives and disciplines

This article explores the challenges associated with using knowledge from different domains (and people) to work on a common problem, issue or puzzle. It acknowledges that the differences in how disciplines structure their knowledge raise challenges when working across disciplinary boundaries. The article identifies these ...


Unit for Year 5 to 6 Butterflies: Engaging with nature

This unit of work engages students in preparing butterfly gardens in their schoolgrounds. It explores scientific entomology, features of insects (including butterflies), the contributions that butterflies make to a healthy environments, and the characteristics of butterfly gardens. The unit includes worksheets, assessment ...


Beyond Earth: Colonising Space

This resource provides a scaffold for students to respond to a persuasive writing task. The persuasive writing task requires students to determine where humans should create the first space colony, using prior learning and research to justify their decisions.


Cybercrime and the law

This sequence of six lesson ideas focuses on the concept that community e-safety and wellbeing is enhanced when individuals understand the behaviours, rules and laws associated with being a digital citizen and take action to prevent cybercrime. This resource provides students with the opportunity to explore how Australia’s ...


Space Exploration: Community of Inquiry

In this resource, students participate in a community of inquiry to consider the implications of human space travel. This process gives students the opportunity to come to a full, shared understanding of the concepts and issues around human space travel.


ACARA sample assessment task: years 9-10

This resource provides strategies for assessing students' ability to interpret, process, analyse and represent data using spreadsheets, pivot tables, plotting data and scripting activities. A link to a data set from a koala hospital provides extensive data for students to use. The resource includes maps, graphs and charts, ...


Computational thinking poster

This infographic provides an overview overview of the concepts related to computational thinking.


Understanding algorithms and the smiley face biscuit challenge: years F-2

This PDF provides suggestions for introducing students to algorithms by sequencing words, images and actions.


Makey Makey interactive poster: years 3-4

This PDF provides instructions for students to create an interactive poster using a Makey Makey and the visual programming language Scratch. A Makey Makey is an electronic circuit board, which, when connected to a computer, allows everyday objects to function as keyboards.


Newsletter – April 2020

This newsletter from the Digital Technologies in Focus project includes information about schools' projects, workshops, computational thinking, the Australian Curriculum, and useful resources.


Mossman State School – Podcast

This podcast includes information about the aims, challenges, insights and accomplishments of Mossman State School's participation in the Digital Technologies in Focus project.


Green Hill Public School

Green Hill Public School is a small school located in Kempsey, New South Wales, on the Traditional Lands of the Djangadi/Dhangatti Peoples. It has recently expanded from a K–4 to a K–6 school. It has 28 students, 96 per cent of whom identify as Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander. Green Hill Public School was a finalist ...


St Mary’s Primary School – PL ecosystem

This document illustrates the network of people and resources that make up St Mary's Primary School's Professional Learning ecosystem.


Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies Years 7–10 achievement standards and aligned content descriptions on a page

This PDF presents content descriptions and achievement standards for the Digital Technologies subject in the Australian Curriculum


Kelley & Knowles review: STEM integration

This article explores ways of building integrated STEM programs so that students have opportunities to make connections to crosscutting concepts and real-world problems. This is proposed through the lens of a framework.


DTiF Classroom Exploring AI in the Classroom: Activity

Simon Collier, Digital Technologies in Focus Curriculum Officer, takes viewers though a lesson from the Digital Technologies Hub exploring how machine learning can be used to organise photographs.


Activities that promote Digital Technologies concepts and incorporate Numeracy: part 3: Compass rose

This video provides suggestions for ways in which Digital Technologies can be used to develop students' learning in the Numeracy Learning Progression.


Faith Lutheran College – PL ecosystem

This document illustrates the network of people and resources that make up Faith Lutheran College's Professional Learning ecosystem.


Bethany Christian School – Progress report 2

This video explains the progress that Bethany Christian School has made in the Digital Technologies in Focus project. It is the second in a series of four.