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Investigate: cane toads

This unit of work is designed to help students understand cane toads and their threat to the Australian environment and agricultural production. Why some animals are to be protected and others need to be eradicated. The resource includes a teacher guide, student learning journal and a PowerPoint presentation.


Indigenous weather knowledge

An interactive map of traditional weather and climate knowledge that has been developed and passed down through countless generations by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The site provides descriptions of the sixteen seasonal calendars used by First Nations peoples across Australia.


Visual programming with Scratch: years 3-6

This comprises a collection of sample activities that incorporate visual programming (Scratch) into teaching and learning programs. They show the possibilities Scratch offers for integration. The projects are incomplete and are designed to be used as samples for inspiration or modification by teachers.


Teaching and supporting project management in the F-6 classroom

This PDF gives educators an overview of what project management is and ideas on how they can implement project management skills in the F-6 classroom.


Data knowledge and skills tutorial: part 1 - gathering data

This video demonstrates ways in which data can be manipulated in spreadsheets. It is the first in a series of four.


Planning an action research project to facilitate implementation of Digital Technologies

This PowerPoint presentation includes ideas for planning and developing action research projects to facilitate implementation of digital technologies.


ICT Proficiency Teacher self-assessment matrix

These matrices allow teachers to self-assess their ICT Capability and Digital Technologies proficiency. They include a notes section for teachers to plan future professional learning.


Expert Webinar video: Professor Stephen Heppel: The impact of environmental factors on learning

In this video Professor Stephen Heppell, discusses the aggregation of marginal gains in learning environments. He provides examples from the Learnometer project, designed to help students monitor their classroom environment for factors that may hinder learning.


Expert webinar video: Jennifer Hemer: Tasmanian Smart Seafood Partnership

Jennifer Hemer from Natural Resource Management Tasmania explains what's happening in the seafood industry in her state and how digital technologies are used to make the industry more sustainable.


Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies Years 5–6 sample assessment task: How do digital systems represent data? Teacher PowerPoint

This PowerPoint supports the years 5-6 assessment task, How do digital systems represent data?


School stories

This webpage provides users with a menu of schools whose experiences with Digital Technologies are described in detail.


Mossman State School – Podcast

This podcast includes information about the aims, challenges, insights and accomplishments of Mossman State School's participation in the Digital Technologies in Focus project.


St James Catholic College – Final report

This report provides details of St James Catholic College's participation in the Digital Technologies in Focus project, including a Research question, criteria for success, data collection, resources, challenges, milestones and next steps.


Bethany Christian School – PL ecosystem

This document illustrates the network of people and resources that make up Bethany Christian School's Professional Learning ecosystem.


Green Hill Public School – Progress report 3

This video explains the progress that Bethany Christian School has made in the Digital Technologies in Focus project. It is the last in a series of three.


Expert webinar video: Dr Michelle Ellis: Learning resources for using micro:bits

Dr Michelle Ellis gives a demonstration of the Edith Cowan University Makerspace visual and general-purpose programming environment. She also shows a range of materials to support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. This includes teaching resources and lesson plans.


Activities that promote Digital Technologies concepts and incorporate Numeracy: part 4: Tessellations

This video provides suggestions for ways in which Digital Technologies can be used to develop students' learning in the Numeracy Learning Progression.



This webpage features newsletters from the Digital Technologies in Focus project. The newsletters include information about schools' projects, assessment tasks, the Australian Curriculum and resources.


Newsletter – April 2018

This newsletter from the Digital Technologies in Focus project includes information about schools' projects, the Australian Curriculum and useful resources.


Mossman State School – PL ecosystem

This document illustrates the network of people and resources that make up Mossman State School's Professional Learning ecosystem.